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About Tavian Ward
I am turning twelve years old this year and I got into bees because I LOVE honey! I have been beekeeping for nearly two years now. I am a member in good standing of the Williamson County Area Beekeepers Association.
My bees are very active but mild in temperament and the Queen is Italian, a breed known for being manageable. 
We have wonderful weather here in the hill country of Texas for keeping bees and they just love our wildflowers.
Interested in learning more?
I am involved with the charity, "Free The Children". You can be involved too!
10% of profits of every sale will be donated to Free The Children.
Please visit their website, a link is located on our "friends" page.
I am committed to providing quality products for my customers. I am continuing my beekeeping education through professional membership to organizations in the industry. 
Tavian Ward, Proprietor